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Pre Printed Lanyards
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Pre-printed Lanyards

Pre-printed lanyards provide simple, effective identification support with a variety of colours and printed titles. These lanyards have durable clips and a safety breakaway fitting.

Technical data:

  • Black plastic clip
  • Black plastic breakaway safety clip
  • Printed in in white
  • 15mm wide ribbon
  • Ribbon colour: blue

Below you can view a list of all the pre-printed lanyards we currently stock. Scroll down to view or purchase more options

Text Text colour Lanyard colour Ref.
VISITOR White Blue 8602
STAFF White Blue 8612
STAFF White Grey 8619
STAFF White Red 8613
CONTRACTOR White Red 8623
CONTRACTOR White Blue 8622
CONTRACTOR White Grey 8628
STUDENT White Black 8630
NHS White NHS blue 8609

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