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Drilling & Eyeletting

We stock a huge range of drillbits for paper drilling, accessories like silicon spray, waxing paper and drill bit sharpeners and a range of paper drilling machines as well. Cutting sticks and discs for different drills are also stocked. For full details of the range we sell browse through the filters at the side to see drill bits for Iram, Lihit, Soag, Funditor and standard fitting drillbits for Citoborma, Babs, Corta, Foelmer and many other different drill bits. Paper drill bits are available in standard uncoated finishes or can also be supplied with a teflon coating to prevent overheating. Other ways to prevent overheating while drilling include using wax sheets after drilling, to refresh and re-grease the drilling blade; you can also use silicon spray to decrease resistance and lower the chances of your drill bit overheating and getting jammed or even shattering.