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Fogging Machine / Room Sanitiser 500
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As we return to work, regular reliable sanitising of workplaces will be essential. It is recommended that all work spaces are fogged daily and this machine makes it simple.  

Our commercial fogging machine works by expelling a fine, almost invisible mist into the atmosphere which eventually settles on all surfaces including those impossible to reach by conventional methods. The machine is compact, and robust, making it ideal for constant commercial use. The large 5 litre tank and powerful 1400w 230v electric motor allow the covering of larger areas with ease. 

The machine is very flexible and can be used in two ways. When set to an ultra fine (dry) mist then it is left in a room to sanitise the room and typically that would be for around 25 minutes in a 100 cubic metre space.  However, if used with a heavier mist it can be hand held, moving around the space and a room of this size could be sanitised in about 6 minutes.

Operating costs are low as the concentrated sanitiser liquid is diluted 1:50.

For Presco 500 product information sheet CLICK HERE

For Presco 500 Machine Instructions CLICK HERE

Regular fogging  using our Presco disinfectant sanitiser will help prevent the cross-infection of viruses such as MRSA, Coronaviruses and many more. To view and buy the disinfectant CLICK HERE

The machine uses our Presco Disenfectant sanistiser that is diluted 1:50.  Typically a 5 litre tankful of the diluted sanitiser will sanitise around 800 cubic metres.  One 5 litre disinfectant dilutes for 250 litres of fogging liquid.

Motor:  1400w, 220v AC, 50hz
Tank Capacity:  5 Litre
Output Flow Rate:  0-49 l/h
Droplet Size:  9-49 micron
Empty Weight:  5.3 kg
Dimensions:  50 x 17 x 50 cm

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