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Renz Binding Wire Spools - 3:1 Pitch

Renz Binding Wire Spools - 3:1 Pitch
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Spools of binding wire for Renz automated binding systems, stocked in a range of colours and sizes. Renz is the world leader in quality and automation in wire binding and we stock all Renz cut wires, spools and more for next day delivery.

Binding wire spools contain thousands of loops of wire and your automated binding system will simply cut the lengths required as it binds. Renz wire spools give a large range of available size

You can trust Renz wire every time for German made quality and minimum fuss.

Please note delivery on larger quantities may take longer.

More Information:

  • 3:1 Wire spools stocked in all sizes from No. 3 (5.5mm / 3/16") up to No. 10 (16mm / 5/8")
  • Black, White and Silver in stock, other colours available on a 48 hour service including Red, Blue, Green, Bronze and more
  • Wire No. 3, 5.5mm, 127,000 loops per spool
  • Wire No. 4, 6.9mm, 93,000 loops per spool
  • Wire No. 5, 8mm, 66,000 loops per spool
  • Wire No. 6, 9.5mm, 47,000 loops per spool
  • Wire No. 7, 11mm, 34,000 loops per spool
  • Wire No. 8, 12.7mm, 26,000 loops per spool
  • Wire No. 9, 14.3mm, 21,000 loops per spool
  • Wire No. 10, 16mm, 15,000 loops per spool

Also known as:

  • Wire reels
  • Wire bobbins
  • Spool wire

What our customers say about this product:

We've spoken to some of our customers about how they use our wire, both cut lengths and spools. The common feedback we get is that for any special or urgent job they will often choose Renz wire over our standard Presco wires as they feel that Renz has the edge in quality:

"I use Renz binding spools when I want to be 100% sure about the quality of a manual I am going to do. For most of my work I will still use the Presco wire spools as they are cheaper and do the job just as well but I do know that Renz is that little extra bit that everything will go fine on that job - call it peace of mind or whatever!"

Typically used with:

Additional Information:

  • All wire is high quality plastic coated over the metal wire for complete coverage and rust-free storage
  • Strong cardboard construction spools that fit onto any automated binding or calendar production line.

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